Friday, July 29, 2011


When your baby is old enough to start babbling cute, little words, all you want to hear is those two magical words..."Ma Ma!" When the day finally comes, it melts your heart. You practices over and over with them..."" You ignore any other consonant-vowel verbiage. Who wants to hear "da da" and "ba ba," when they can clearly say "MA MA!?" Those first sweet utterances are music to your ears. It fills you with so much pride, because your baby is claiming you.  Eventually, those baby noises of  "ma ma" and "da da" turn into real words, like mommy and daddy. And when that happens, you get a twinge pain just below your heart, because your baby isn't really a baby anymore. The feelings of lost babyhood quickly fade and are replaced with admiration. "My baby  toddler knows me. I am his mommy." All day I hear 'mommy' this and 'mommy' that...until recently. All of sudden, I'm "MOM". When the heck did that happen? (probably since Mase was 7 yrs. old) I have consistently been 'Mommy'  forever,  since Mason could utter the words. When Ella came she just repeated what her big brother said. I was "Mommy."  All of sudden, this word, this one syllable breaks my heart just a little. The more M & E use it, the more quickly Cash will start saying it. And Cash for too young to be calling his mother, "MOM!" Thankyouverymuch! Isn't there some sort of pill I can give these kids to stop growing up? I'm contacting Pfizer today! I am a mom, yes. But I love being their mommy, because to me, a mommy is needed just a tad bit more than a mom. 

I could be wrong, so I'm calling my mom! 

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