Monday, July 25, 2011

Living your dream...

Since I was a little girl, all I ever wanted to be was a teacher. I wanted to teach children and be around them.  I had this incessant need to be around people, to learn from them, teach them and communicate on all levels. I was always a very talkative child and now as a chatty adult, people still have to tell me to "slow down." I talk fast, I think fast and I communicate on many levels. I talk with my hands, my body, my entire being. I'm passionate and speak with conviction, even about the most mundane of topics. I feel every emotion I spew out of my mouth. I can be overwhelming and over the top. And of all this has had a purpose. My dream to be a "teacher" has gone and passed. However, my dream has morphed into my reality today. I am a mother. The ultimate teacher. I teach my children every day and learn from them every day. I get to communicate on levels I never thought possible...and feel emotions I never knew existed. My dream to be a teacher wasn't in the cards for me, but my dream to be a  teacher, a person who gets to teach others and learn from others and educate on many levels, is happening right before my eyes. I am so lucky. I had a "self realization moment" today. Our dreams as children are usually exactly what our hearts and souls need later in life. That little boy who dreamed of becoming a fire fighter...his need to help and will play out in his life somehow. The little girl who wants to be a make-up artist, (Ella) will find the joy in making others feel great about themselves, someday. Whether it be through their actual dream or some other form of it, it will happen...because our childhood dreams never die. They may lay dormant and sleep for a while, but eventually we find ourselves living our dreams, however they come to us.
So, when I put my kids to bed and say "Sweet dreams...." I mean it. I want for them the sweetest of dreams.

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