Sunday, September 16, 2012

I'm baaaaaack...for now.

Wow! I think I may have a problem with starting a project and then just leaving it to die. Ha!  Writing has always been a tool that I used to relax.  These days, around my house, "relaxing" isn't in the vocabulary. Thus, writing doesn't exist.  Rubbish, I tell you!  Why shouldn't I allow myself the time to write. Make the time to write. Find the time to write. Scrounge up the time to write?  Anywho, I love it and it loves me. K-I-S-S...sorry, I've been at home, with 4 kids for 10 weeks now. I'm back to my old stay at home mom self again.  Blah, blah blah...what to write about?  Right now my life consists of all things baby, craigslist, talking about exercising, the big kids' school and watching The Voice. Oh man, do I love The Voice!!  (hate Xtina's boobs, but LOVE that show). Not to many topics to chose from.  So I look to you all, my fellow Facebookers, for suggestions and guidance.  What, if anything, would like to hear about?  

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